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Game Rules


Shuffle or randomize the deck.

Each player draws or is dealt 5 cards (7 cards if there are less than 4 players).

Place the top 2 cards of the deck face up into the Hold (the discard pile).

Set the Time card to Day.

Determine who plays first.


Before each turn begins, place the top card of the deck face up into the Hold.

During the Turn

As often as they choose during their turn, a player may add to their Storeroom any number of Food cards and non-Prize Pairs from their hand that the Time card allows:

Food cards are played individually and can be played during any Time.

Animal cards are played as pairs:

•   Clean and Unclean animals are only playable while the Time is set to Day

•   Nocturnal Pairs are only playable while the Time is set to Night

That player may also choose to take up to 2 Actions in any combination and in any order:

•   Draw a card from the deck or the Hold

•   Flip the Time card

•   Play a Prize Pair to your Storeroom if the Time card allows

As a player begins their turn, if the deck or their hand is empty, they start with 3 actions instead of 2.

Ending the Turn

That player then discards a card from their hand to the Hold, discards an additional card if they did not add to their Storeroom this turn, and their turn ends.


Play continues until all Food and Pairs have been added to players’ Storerooms – players can continue to play as they empty their hands.

Players are awarded points for the Food and Pairs in their Storerooms:

•   Food cards are valued individually

•   Animal cards are valued as Pairs

High score wins!


Use these rules changes:

•   If there are less than 4 players, each player takes an additional Action each turn. (Players still gain another when the deck or their hand is emptied.)

•   Players cannot flip the Time card - after all players have completed a turn, the Time card flips.

•   Play to finish the game in as few Day cycles as you can!

•   Your group may want to play with hands revealed to encourage strategizing.


(The Gospel card is not used during gameplay.)

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