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Game Design from a Biblical foundation

Hi everyone!

Wanted to talk a bit today about how our Scriptural basis - excerpts from Genesis 6 and 7 - shape some of the design elements of ARK.

We see in the text (Gen. 6:20, 7:9) that animals went in unto Noah: Flipping the top two cards of the deck into the Hold at the start of the game, and flipping an additional card each turn, captures this detail. Player's Actions during the game reflect moving these animals (and also food stores) into a proper place on the ark.

Animals were also brought in (Gen 6:19, 7:2), represented by players' ability to use Actions to draw cards.

We find in Genesis 7:4 God telling Noah he has "yet seven days" before the rains begin. (And its easy to imagine needing such time to get the ark loaded up!) Combined with the scriptural mention of several animals that are active primarily or exclusively at night, ARK asks players to pair animals during the time of day that they're naturally active while allowing players to manage what Time of day they'd like their turn to focus on.

God's Word richly provides!

God bless,

Casey // ARK

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